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I wanted to take the time to talk about "Yellow Mag". As you guys may know, I introduced a project that I am highly excited and eager to provide for the public. Of course projects take time to create and make the vision fully come to life. I've shown you sneak peeks of photos taken by @AshtonTy (Ashton) that I will be partnering with in this magazine. Along with his photography, I will be featuring others like @Jubecha (Julien), @_Kdot_a (Kenny), and more.

Yellow Magazine "Yellow Mag" is based for all Chicago and Illinois natives. I have partnered with an creative who's from Detroit. She has great skills and talent in her passion for makeup. Even though, this magazine is based on Chicago creatives, I included her because I remember us having a conversation. She was telling me how she felt that people overlooked on her. Hearing that gave me more reason to push this project head first, I believe everyone deserves a shining light on their talents not just the popular demand.

model: Niema, photo by Asthon TY

photo by Julien

Above are a few pictures that you may have seen either on twitter or on Instagram. I'm not trying to give away a lot of hints to what will be in the magazine.

At a time I didn't like being different I wanted to be the same as the other little girls. Nevertheless, everything I tried wasn't a full out success. If you don't know me, you might not have known that I was a girl who got laughed at for liking baggy clothes. I was a girl who felt more comfortable wrestling with boys then playing jump rope. This magazine is not only telling my story, but its telling others.

The point of creating yellow mag is not only to show my creative passion, or tell a story of feeling awkward that I will never be noticed for something I truly love. It's to give people that have incredible talents a chance to stand out regardless of status.

"Dedicated to those who's talents and passions have gone overlooked due to popularity"

Around the time this project will release. I will be announcing something else that goes hand and hand with this.

YELLOW MAG is coming, hopefully you guys enjoy it.

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