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Fantôme Noir Fashion Exhibition

Invited out to view and experience a transformation of ideas that transition into beautiful pieces.

Saturday marked the beginning of a new chapter for Luke. Luke Riley is creator and designer of his gender-neutral contemporary fashion collection hosted at the Connect gallery located in Hyde Park.

Let me take the time to say thank you to Fantôme for inviting me out and letting me see the exhibit a little before hand. I was able to walk around and view ideas and pieces from Fantôme which were amazing and very attention grabbing.

A journey in balancing opposing forces. Understanding the necessity of each experience and exploring the nature in which we view clothing,’ shares fantôme

Fantôme is a very unique collection made for all. While viewing these pieces we were also given a very intense yet passionate performance that showed the flow of one of the product. Luke created a unisex collection that break gender barriers. Testing the fragility of masculinity and feminity. Fantôme takes both aesthetics from men and women wears merging them together to form a new find of gender netural pieces.

Very taken by the diverse group and within the kind of pieces that were created and shown.

Lukes collection gives you many different ‪sculptured silhouettes delivering ready to wear contemporary pieces for his Autumn collection.