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Quick Update

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Hi everyone, this blog post is to share more up to date information on the drive. As, you guys have seen recently on social media platforms that Come Together drive has set an official date for the event.

August 22nd, 2020 will be the hosting of Come Together Drive / Block party. The location will be our temp (could possibly be our permanent location) Washington Park located 53rd/54th/55th on Cottage Grove.

Below here is a link to an google form where if you want to volunteer or be a vendor can fill it out then either me or one of my assistance will contact you.


Within this week and the next upcoming week we will be contacting and informing you on your roles and duties as Volunteers. Those who are vendors we will be contacting you also just so you understand what our mission is and what we ask of you.

Flyer by Aspen Jones

This community drive was designed to help those in need. Come Togethers goal is to serve 100 people and families.

We highly support donations of all kind. You can choose to drop off supplies to any given member of this drive.

Any other questions feel to contact me (Imari Craft) via email or social media.

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"Come Together" is formed to give back to families and individuals in need. The goal is to raise $8,000 that will go toward everything being supplied, while holding a personal goal to serve over 100 +