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Come Together Drive/Block Party

"Come Together" is formed to give back to families and individuals in need. The goal is to raise $8,000 that will go toward everything being supplied, while holding a personal goal to serve over 100 + families and individuals. I want to this experience to be a time for reassuring that we are all in this together. Keeping the tradition of Chicagos end of the summer block parties while giving back to Our Community and having fun.

We are going to supply Our Community with food, toiletries, school supplies, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, and more. I'm looking for volunteers to help assist that day with placing tables, tents, supplies, water and food around for the event. With all the money from the GoFundMe is fully forward this event and the supplies that will be given out. I want to open the floor to brands, and other creatives to come share their products with the public.

I want to propose that all money that exceeds the goal will be pushed toward a "Black-led" Organization that will fully give back to Our Community. If you have any knowledge of this organizations feel free to contact me with their information so we can look further into them.

Giving this event I want us to be able to just enjoy our time together, but wanted to doing something for the community I felt was genuine and caring. . Everyday is something different , but we have to be focused and determined.

More information on The event and Drive will be available later on.

We are open to all ideas and partnerships feel free to contact at the email below.

If Interested in being a vendor, Email Imari @ aboutyellow@yahoo.com

  • Tables/Booths will be included

  • Tents for covering will be included

  • We just ask you donate 20% of your sales to the chosen Black-Led Organization who we will later announce.

"ComeTogether" is looking for a face painter for the kids. I know with the Covid that could be tricky but if you would like to partake please contact Imari.

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