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I am a twenty-four year old blogger 

 I am the editor & creator of YMAGAZINE, 2019.

I'm not sure what to call my career title for what I'm producing. I'm placing different forms of art under one concept while still believing in the traditional approach to the public with is personal.



Welcome to the home of  Ymagazine.


Producing a magazine with traditional approach yet transforming with new age delivery. Combining the method of art installments/galas or pop up shop to gather those of the community while presenting creatives to the public for service and advertisement. 


Yellow Presents..

Spring In Summer 48 hr set up 

Recently found small video (full video is about 2 hours long) that I did kinda during the first day of a two day deadline. Looking at it made me smile because the end result was amazing. 

I hope you guys can enjoy this little ten minute clip. 

First Podcast 

The Session

featuring Me, Daija Mack , and Mont flee

Check us out talking about fashion, food, Chicago culture and my event ;)

"Spring In The Summertime"

An event created and designed by Imari Craft.

July 19 at 4 to 9pm

Tickets on sale now

click link below